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imgMarketing research

A market is in constant and dynamic process of changing. And it requires its participants to be in process of constant development and expansion of their opportunities regardless the size of organization. But the qualitative growth requires making a deliberate managerial solution.

Public Foundation “Decenta” can help you formulate your marketing strategy, offer a qualitative and reconciled marketing research.

Having a wide partnership network throughout all Kazakhstan regions we have an opportunity to make a research throughout the whole country. Besides that we can also arrange large field researches in neighbouring republics of Central Asia with the help of our partners in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. We conduct market research in the following categories of goods and services: food, household products, consumer durables, the market of financial products, real estate market, the market of construction materials and others (hairdressers, car repairs, freight).

In addition, Decenta Foundation has the capacity to perform different types of sociological researches.


May 15, 2015