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Decenta Foundation was founded in 2001. Decenta® is registered trademark.

Mission of organization: Effective solution of social and business problems through the collection and analysis of information.

Strategic Directions:

  1. Providing a range of services to strengthen the potential of NGOs, their role in the republic.
  2. Contributing to increased openness and transparency of the budget process.
  3. Improvement of the quality of public and social services.
  4. Development of local governance.
  5. Development of monitoring and program evaluation as a separate profession.

 Basic and key competencies of the Organization:

Social project management

Project management

Conduction of sociological and marketing research

Monitoring and evaluation of projects and programs

Development and implementation of training events (seminars, trainings, schools, etc.)

Consulting on the management of non-profit organizations

Consulting on legal issues

For the implementation of projects, Decenta has both its own qualified employees and a significant base of attracted experts, including foreign ones.


Decenta Public Foundation is a member of:

Kazakhstan Civil Alliance since 2005;

National Budget Network of Kazakhstan (an informal association of NGOs professionally involved in budget analysis, research in the field of budget relations) since 2008.;

Kazakhstan Network of Evaluation Specialists since 2015.

Partnership and Interaction

Decenta Foundation positions itself as a professional organization striving for any productive and mutually beneficial cooperation. The Foundation has established partnerships with other NGOs in almost all regions of Kazakhstan.


Decenta Foundation has the necessary experience, resources, partnerships for managing long-term and costly projects in the oblast, in the region, at the national and international level.

In addition, the organization is ready to cooperate in consortium with other local and foreign organizations. For foreign partners, Decenta Foundation can act as a local partner, ready to provide its resource base, experience of employees, as well as to build local logistics issues.


November 28, 2018

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