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imgMonitoring and Evaluation

Evaluation of a project/program – the collection of information on activities within a particular project or program, their characteristics, results, which is carried out in order to make perceptions on the program/project, increase efficiency, introduce amendments in future.

Monitoring of a project/program is one of the types of evaluation, which consists in constantly monitoring of the progress of the program/project and comparing it with the plan.

The main difference between monitoring and evaluation is the depth of analysis.

Monitoring and evaluation is carried out strictly in accordance with the established methodology; according to the results of the evaluation, the Client is presented with an analytical report containing recommendations.

Monitoring and evaluation in Kazakhstan can be ordered by:

  • international and foreign commercial and non-profit organizations to conduct evaluation of the programs / projects they sponsored;
  • private commercial structures, investors to evaluate the effectiveness of projects implemented or financed by them;
  • government bodies in order to obtain evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of state budget programs.

Decenta Foundation has many years of experience in:

  • evaluation of social projects of non-profit organizations;
  • monitoring and evaluation of government programs;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of management systems and processes in commercial enterprises.

Grant support in the amount of up to 50% of the project cost may be raised to purchase this service.