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Communication training

“Even in the West, business is becoming less and less impersonal – relations between people come first. And in Russia, it, in fact, has always been like that. You and your business partner first establish a relationship of mutual trust, and then look for ways to mutually beneficial solutions”.
Owen Camp, vice president of Hewlett-Packard (HP) and CEO of HP in Russia and the CIS

Audience: sales managers, sales agents, employees working with external and internal clients of the company.


  • got an idea of all the components of successful interpersonal communication, factors and obstacles
  • the basics of partnership, rivalry and cooperation were worked over
  • self-presentation skill was worked over
  • techniques for active listening, effective questions, providing and receiving feedback were worked over
  • communication skills were worked over
  • own style of interaction was analyzed
  • actions in situations of emotional stress were analyzed

June 03, 2020